Welcome to Escape Space I am your Games Master (name)

Firstly please fill out our short waiver, this is required for our insurance purposes. You can nominate someone in the group to do it for you or you can do individually.
Scan the QR code on the table or go to keepescaping.co.uk/waiver

—After they have done—

My name is (name) and I will be your games master watching and listening to you for the duration of the game

Have any of you done an escape room before?

You have one hour to solve the mystery of the room!

You will need to explore the room, search for clues and solve puzzles

There is nothing hidden behind pictures or any room decoration. Please don’t climb on anything in the room.

Don’t force any doors locks or cupboards, if it is meant to open it will!

If you need to leave for any reason, no doors will be locked and you will be able to exit at any time.

Once you have used a key or code it will not be needed again. Please leave any padlocks on the locks you found them and any keys in the locks.

If you are stuck trying reading any notes or letters out loud

If you need help just ask –

You have 3 clues How do you ask for a clue, you must all put your hands on this magical wand and say “Clueus Giveus!”

Remember be nice to each other, team work is key

Talk to each other, praise, look at everything twice

There are no phones permitted to be used in the room, if we see anyone using a phone you will lose a clue!

Would you like me to guide you if I see you becoming stuck or do you want to only be helped with a clue?

Directional padlock – Demonstrate

Are you ready to solve the disappearance of the Headmistress? We were tidying the last of the classrooms into magical storage and she has disappeared… ! She was last seen on the top floor so I suggest we head up and have a look.


—When in the room

Ah there she is, it seems that our headmistress has trapped herself in a painting. This is the second time this year! I’m sure she will want to speak with you. I suggest you pay attention!

Your timer will start when the countdown appears on the painting, if you ask for any clues those will also be displayed on the painting

Also be careful with any potions they are real potions in glass bottles! Don’t want anyone turned into a frog again, the paperwork is a nightmare.